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What Is Grey Water?

Grey water is the term for relatively clean, domestic or industrial waste water from baths, sinks, kitchen appliances, industrial process and more.We have a plentiful supply of grey water in Saudi Arabia that could be used for everything from plant irrigations to flushing toilets and more.

What Is Grey Water Recycling?

Grey Water Recycling is the treatment of waste water for reuse. There are a variety of technologies to achieve recover water in this way, many are chemical free. After recycling treatment is complete, the water is available again as clean, odourless and germfree non-potable water.

What Are The Benefits Of Greywater Recycling?

Reusing grey water does not diminish quality of life, however it has a number of environmental benefits:

Saving mains water charges
Mains water savings independent of the weather
Reduces waste water entering sewers
Quicker financial returns compared to other renewable technologies
Can be combined with rainwater harvesting
Requires little space due to advancements in compact systems

Technologies Rekas Offer to client :

Membrane Bio Reactor MBR based Grey Water Treatment plants

Containerised fabricated grey water systems

Conventional grey water systems

GWT followed by Ultra filtration



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