We provide solutions for packaged and modular Treated Sewage Polishing Plant(TSE systems) from 50M3/Day up to 5000 M3/Day as Standards. We polish the treated sewage water with the help of ultra-filtration membrane (0.01 micron[µ] to 0.1 micron[µ]) and reverse osmosis membrane to achieve the high-quality product water equivalent to drinking quality, which can be used for cooling tower, cement batching plant, high quality irrigation water etc.,

TSE polishing plant is a concept where the treated sewage shall be further polished to portable water quality so as to make it reusable for cooling tower make up water instead of Fresh waters. The quality of TSE water is considered to be better than available domestic fresh waters, which makes The TSE polished water suitable for more number of cycles in cooling which in turns reduces the consumption of water, chemicals and less disposal of blow down waste waters means less impact on the environment., thus serves as socio-economic beneficiary process. Also serves as an alternative method of treated sewage water disposal process apart from irrigation and sea disposal methods.

We are specialized in providing Ultra filtration followed by Reverse Osmosis based TSE polishing plants.



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